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Petrol Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel injectors are most often overlooked as the cause when you are experiencing a flat spot, start hesitations, rough idling, under performance or a notable increase in petrol consumption.

Fuel injectors perform a difficult job. They deliver petrol into the engine so it can be ignited by the spark plugs, so the injectors must be prepared to deal with high heat and pressure. The burning petrol can leave deposits on the injector nozzle heads that build up and lead to detrimental effects. A lot of carbon buildup on the fuel injectors can lead to ineffective spray patterns, which reduce proper flow of the petrol to the engine.

As with any part of your car that performs an important service your fuel injectors can wear over time and needs to be maintained. Well maintained fuel injectors will better the performance and fuel consumption.

Fuel injector cleaning

We use a 15 stage test and cleaning process, restoring the fuel injectors to an almost new condition. We test the following:

  • Electrical Stability
  • Spray Pattern, direction and atomization at varied RPM’s
  • Pressure Tests
  • Flow Tests
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of injectors
  • Back flush any remaining debris
  • Renew Filters, o-rings and pintle caps

Ultrasonic cleaning has been proven to be 16 times more effective than manual methods. With ultrasonic cleaning ultra-high frequency waves are passed through a liquid causing cavitation; microscopic bubbles collapsing into themselves. This creates a high energy vacuum effect which safely pulls debris, foreign particles and other contaminants from the surfaces being cleaned. Both the interior and exterior surfaces, including crevices, are thoroughly cleaned.

Kenlee Motors charges R600 ex vat for 4 loose injectors to be tested and cleaned. If we have to remove and refit the injectors please add on an hour’s labour.